Sunday, 27 January 2008

EP Review - Said Mike 'Stop the Clocks' - Noize Makes Enemies

Said Mike is a hard band to pigeonhole. They’re not self-pitying enough to be Emo, they’re too rocky to be Indie and far too good to be classed as Pop. So what are they? The five-piece are a hybrid mixture of The Used in their ‘In Love and Death’ days. Said Mike are reminiscent of what the product of Billy Talent covering a Taking Back Sunday track would sound like; which, for a debut EP, lends a great deal of credence to the band’s talent and potential longevity.

The first track on the EP is “Mind over Muscle” which, despite the intro sounding worryingly like a track that Matt Willis from Busted released, is a testosterone exuding five minutes of rock that reassures the listener that pressing play was far from something to regret. From the muffled Screamo vocals to the Emo sentiment, both “Stop the Clocks” and “Heads Down Check it Out”, are musically on par with The Used with lyrical injections of Billy Talent.

Whilst the borderline whine of Billy Talent’s vocals can become quite grating on the ear, the rockier content of Said Mike manage to counter this effectively. “Sister Mary” demonstrates aspects of vocals similar to those of Gerard Way, but “Let Yourself Go” straddles the line between Emo and the uncomfortable pitch of Billy Talent with a lesser aspect of certainty. Yet, the Biffy Clyro-esque guitar riff of the single forces it back into a high level of success.

“Stop the Clocks” is a very strong debut EP both musically and lyrically. Said Mike have a refreshing maturity in their lyrics that is becoming less common as the alternative music scene, with the exception of bands like Enter Shikari, becomes saturated by bands that personify the Topshop portrayal of what it means to be alternative. It is Said Mike’s clear and welcomed grasp of rock music, a genre that has been blurred by bands such as Razorlight and Hard-Fi feigning Pop/Indie music as Rock by nodding enthusiastically when we ask if it is suitable for Kerrang, that I feel will aid their exposure and it is their talent that will make 2008 a great year for the band.

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