Sunday, 27 January 2008

Single Review - Friendly Fires 'Paris' - Acryllic Tom Tom

Let’s face it, underneath all the bravado of individuality, the fundamental similarity that all Indie lovers have in common is a desire to be different; to step away from the conformity of their peers. However, as with most societal archetypes, the result of this a smaller but prevalent group of people who all look/dress/talk similar but just vary from their elders and some of their more traditional peers.

For example, the majority of people with an affinity for Indie music that I have come across, the ones with a quest for individuality and a passion for unsigned bands until they acquire a MySpace fan base above 1,000, want to go to Paris. They have watched slightly messed-up cult film ‘Dreamers’ and since have spent years admiring the fashions, yearning for the romance and striving for the culture of France’s Capital. And it would seem that Friendly Fires are no exception.

Consequentially, on reading the lyrics “One day we’re gonna live in Paris, I promise”, a tired eye roll of lethargy may be forgiven. Yet there is something unavoidably endearing about Friendly Fires’ upbeat new single ‘Paris’. Whether it’s the illegible Klaxons-esque wailing chorus or the schizophrenic jump from poppy verses to the cathartic outbursts of shouting that bring the single to an end; there is something about this single that has the ability to lift moods and make you forget about the depressive gravity that is January.

Yes, they are another addition to an ever-expanding genre of similar bands, all with this arguably unobtainable aspiration for individuality, but there is something different about Friendly Fires. I start to believe that their promises excude sincerity as they claim “You’ll find me that French girl, I promise…I’m on it” throughout three minutes of compulsive music. Despite the stereotype that their single portrays, I find myself reaching for my Beret as I listen to the Foals-esque Indie beats that bring a welcomed bit of Parisian culture to my coastal English town.

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