Sunday, 6 April 2008

Album Review - Creature With The Atom Brain - I am the Golden Gate Bridge - Noize Makes Enemies

Named after a 1955 film and conventionally continental in appearance, Belgium band Creature With The Atom Brain are far from mainstream. With guitar riffs inspired by Led Zepplin, musically the band propel themselves back into the seventies and eighties. The band’s third album ‘I am the Golden Gate Bridge’ exudes aspects of The Raconteurs and The Dandy Warhols – particularly through Aldo Struft’s vocals- at least to begin with.

As the CD playhead advances along the twelve tracks, the album takes a turn for the darker and elements of Metallica, Skindred and System of a Down can be recognised. It becomes infectiously chaotic and fans of said bands will no doubt delight in the almost gothic undertones that violently scratch their way to the surface. The album’s focus also inferably shifts from Struft’s vocals revealing “sweet trouble is calling for me” to the music.

Tracks like ‘Not a Sect’ and ‘Park My Car Outside the Record Store’ sit more as a covert three minute showpiece for Struft and Michiel Van Clevvenbergen’s guitar talent. Producing impressive guitar riffs that demand attention is something Creature With The Atom Brain have got down to a fine art as demonstrated on ‘Rapeman’s Scalp’ which is purely instrumental under demonic whispering.

The band’s plethora of inspiration including Mars Volta and My Bloody Valentine, teamed with their eclectic style, has undoubtedly played a monumental part of the album’s diverse and head turning style.

Whilst fans of more mainstream rock may find ‘I am the Golden Gate Bridge’ a bit harsh on the eardrums – it is close to impossible not to respect the abundance of musical talent that seeps out of this Belgium four-piece.

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