Sunday, 6 April 2008

Album Review - Groove Armada - Late Night Tales - Noize Makes Enemies

It’s rare that a compilation album can run for over five years and maintain such a high degree of integrity and quality and yet Late Night Tales seem to have found the secret to success. Going back to old friends, Groove Armada, to compile eighteen tracks of their choice was a typically smart move for their twentieth release.

Groove Armada chose the theme of making mix tapes for friends and looked back to their youth for inspiration. As a result, the album is as varied and miscellaneous as ever, with mixes of Stevie Wonder, The Cure, Midlake and Depeche Mode all gracing the compilation with their presence.

With effortless transitions and mixes from one track to another, Groove Armada has effectively combined several genres and eras into what has been coined as ‘quite possibly the best Late Night Tales yet’.

The latest from the Late Night moguls conjures images of evenings by the beach with a cold drink as every song teases out a forgotten memory in the way that all the best music does.

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