Thursday, 18 December 2008

EP Review - Get Well Soon - Listen - Noize Makes Enemies

Get Well Soon are a seven-piece German band. Fronted by Konstantin Gropper who is quite the talented multi-tasker; songwriting, singing and playing a host of instruments in the band.

It is these kinds of quirky factors that become less surprising, and almost characteristic of Get Well Soon. In an adjective, they are; diverse. Incorporating, violins, banjos, what sounds like a glockenspiel and then fusing these into dark instrumentals not unlike the newer work of Radiohead and teaming this with Gropper’s vocals - reminiscent of Matt Bellamy’s (of Muse).

Add in Gropper’s vast American/Canadian influences which range from Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth to Leonard Cohen and the foundations for the choice of adjective should be a great deal clearer.

Get Well Soon’s latest EP is a showcase for the above descriptions and with tracks like “Christmas in Adventure Parks’ showing a more folk side to the band, their status for most successful newcomer tour in Germany this year demonstrates the success of their fine balance between dark gothic tendencies and more mainstream genres.

With it’s potentially niche audience, Get Well Soon are unlikely to beat Alexandra Burke to the Christmas number one spot this year, but Gropper’s musical talent is indisputable and music fans willing to open their minds to the more experimental; this EP could be well worth a listen.

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