Thursday, 18 December 2008

Single Review - Calexico - Victor Jara's Hands - Noize Makes Enemies

It is unlikely that Calexico will be whatever you are expecting, or at least that was definitely the case for me. The Arizonan six-piece recorded their 2005 EP with folk, often spine-tingle-encouraging, Iron and Wine, and whilst Calexico have the same southern sound -with country and folk attributes –they inject an unexpected world music overtone to their music.

Calexico’s latest release, ‘Victor Jara’s Hands’ is no different –incorporating all of these factors into a style that is a very welcome distraction from a typically bleak British December, but arguably lacks a great deal of relevance in the modern music industry. However, perhaps this is not such a bad thing.

Kicking off 2009 with a sixteen-date tour of Europe, Calexico, although undoubtedly not everybody’s preferred musical style, are talented and definitely would appear to be doing something right.

If a band that have an established approach which exudes innovation and works for them, should they need to tamper with and manipulate their music to appeal to mass audiences? I would suggest not.

The world is a more interesting place because everybody is different, and the music industry is undeniably a better place as a result of mould-breaking bands like Calexico.

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