Friday, 6 February 2009

Album Review - Spencer McGarry Season - Episode 1 - Noize Makes Enemies

Spencer McGarry Season is a Welsh trio with a rather different approach to music. Infused with a sort of amateur dramatics and in the same way that a stage school child can be spotted a mile off - doing star jumps and striving for attention - Spencer McGarry’s background in theatrics prevails in his band’s music, and indeed with their innovative style to creating music.

‘Episode 1’ is exactly what it says on the tin, the first episode of a six part series of albums from the three-piece, all with a different inspiration and theme. Their re-released new album pays homage to all of McGarry’s favourite Rock bands from the 1960s,1970s and 1980s. McGarry’s fundamental influences from these eras including The Who, Talking Heads and The Kinks are effortlessly portrayed in each guitar chord sequence and throughout the twelve tracks.

Hailed unofficially by Wales Online as the best album of the week, the band’s maturity and somewhat Hard Fi –esque social awareness, with lines like /I thought about saving but it never rains/ and /Success is always measured by stress/ You know my body loves stress/ will always appeal to audiences who find the words that they fail to articulate in the band’s lyrics.

Whilst the album is unlikely to stir up a musical frenzy with its seen-before style lacking any real current relevance to the music industry, Spencer McGarry Season’s top secret and innovative Star Wars-inspired approach to album production makes them one to watch throughout 2009.

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