Thursday, 5 February 2009

EP Review - Sunny Day Sets Fire - Adrenaline - Noize Makes Enemies

After hearing that they chose their name from an internet band name generator, any hopes that Sunny Day Sets Fire would be something innovative and different to pin your lugholes back for may have been dashed. Yet, what’s in a name? Not a lot it would appear, as you delve deeper into the bands biography and music.

Like a poster child for greater ethnic diversity, the band bring together four different countries; Canada, Hong Kong, Italy and the UK, but the result is not a confused and over-compensated-for sound, instead, this multi-cultural angle appears to add depth to their musical style.

Their EP, released Monday, a fortnight before their debut UK album ‘Summer Place’, has qualities of bands such as Those Dancing Days, with a contagious combination of up-tempo beats, childlike claps and endearingly simplified lyrics in tracks like ‘Adrenaline’ such as /I always walk very fast, if you don’t like it you can rest./

Whilst ‘The Rescue’ and ‘Lack of View’ showcases Onyee’s vocal similarity to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and the more electro strand to the band’s variety, the tracks fail to conjure a trademark sound that often a new band need in order to render a sturdy fanbase. Yet, hard to judge a band on three tracks and a remix, this is something the band’s debut album could further demonstrate, particularly as the band’s talent; playing around seven instruments between them, is not in dispute.

Watching bands develop and find a sound that categorically embodies what they’re about is often one of the best things about finding new music, so if you’re into eclectic bands or those aforementioned, keep an eye out for the Sunny Day Sets Fire debut album at the end of the month as their EP ‘Adrenaline’ shows the band’s deep-rooted capability and potential.

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