Monday, 30 March 2009

Album Review - Boy Least Likely To - The Law of the Playground

/I sit around in my pyjamas/ Eating pear drops and stringing up conkers/ And if I want to feel something I stick pencils up my nose/ I just want to change the world in whatever little way that I can/ With lyrics like this, The Boy Least Likely To seem to be the men most likely to melt the hearts of Indie scenesters all over the country, with their second album release entitled ‘The Law of the Playground’.

Combining instrumentals that are reminiscent of the likes of Badly Drawn Boy had the beanie-toting band had all the endearing zest for life and upbeat ethos’ of The Beatles. Whilst far from as classic as the latter, their chirpy melodies and cheerful harmonies make summertime toe-tapping an unavoidable inevitability of the band’s newest album.

Combining pop, indie and folk, the two-piece consisting of Jof Owen and Pete Hobbs, have endured a pretty bumpy ride to before the release of this thirteen-track treat. With it initially due out in the summer, Owen and Hobbs took their finished album to their record label last year, only to find it was no longer in existence. The band then spent the next few months writing new songs and tweaking their album before its release early this month.

The result; an album with more real depth and emotion than may have prevailed, had the band not hit such walls along the way. Having already toured with Razorlight, fans of the likes of The Shins and afore mentioned should definitely step into the world of The Boy Least Likely To, it looks set to get rather crowded.

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