Monday, 30 March 2009

Single Review- Marina and The Diamonds - Obsessions

Welsh or Greek. Whatever her origins, Marina and the Diamonds is the latest in a host of female fronted Indie outfits that are fearlessly infiltrating the alternative music scene and being greeted with much excitement.

Marina, the one-woman band, could have been the implausible love child of Florence Welsh and Kate Bush with her intoxicating vocal prowess and eccentric musical structure.

Obsessions, her debut single, is a three minute ode to the intensity of being in love with someone who is as temperamental as they are bad for you. Lyrics like /Wont you quit your crying I can’t sleep/ one minute I’m little sweetheart and next minute you are an absolute creep/ make lyrical comparisons to the likes of Kate Nash unavoidable as her “realness” makes her similarly endearing.

With her hopes already set on America and MTV Awards, the 23 year old is refreshingly open about her ambitions and determination. This self belief teamed with the topicality and relevance that Marina exudes, means that as with her label mates, Passion Pit, 2009 looks set to be an exciting year for our new favourite female songstress.

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