Thursday, 20 August 2009

Single Review - Kill it Kid - Burst its Banks - Noize Makes Enemies

Turning over a CD single to see four young men and a girl dressed in black, some with side fringes but all looking a mix of annoyed and bored isn’t a good start. I automatically presumed it would be another angry Emo contrived attempt at being the new Paramore, but it soon became clear that my initial perception was largely flawed.

In fact, second single from Kill it Kid is just over three minutes of folky fiddle-playing innovation. ‘Burst its Banks’ is a theatrical hybrid which exudes something instantly likeable as its dramatic nature is light-hearted and consequentially endearing in a wholly unexpected way. Far from a self-pitying emotional nonsense, it evokes comparisons to the likes of The Hush Sound or, due to the daring instrumentation and violin reliance, even something of a lesser Arcade Fire.

Whilst the track, as well as its b-side, ‘Hold yourself like a Woman’ wont grab you by the ears with any sort of compelling compulsion to keep playing, it does arouse intrigue for the band’s debut album due to the five-piece’s innovation and apparent musical prowess. New music, particularly if it goes against what is expected or being mass produced, should be welcomed and with Kill it Kid being such a young new band, with a bit more fine tweaking, they could well be set for exciting things in the future.

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