Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Single Review - LR Rockets - Renee Loves Losers- This is Fake DIY

Imagine Late of The Pier and The Cribs, in their earliest days, smashing against each other in a sort of Indie/ Metal most pit. With each collision, the chaos and bare brutality is magnified. The end result of this Eastgate and co. vs. Jarman fest? Probably something along the lines of LR Rockets.

The lively five-piece force their way through unexpecting speakers crammed full of Northern enthusiasm and Modest Mouse-esque innovation. The band is truly a breath of fresh air and new single ‘Renee Loves Losers’ is as body-thrashingly intoxicating as their previous releases.

B-side to the single, ‘OK, Let’s Talk’ is similarly overflowing with energy with the prominent lyric of self-importance /Do you know who I am? I don’t think so. Ha ha/ conjuring forgivable images of diva behaviours.

It is said that patience is being bored, but not doing anything about it, in which case LR Rockets is impatience at its finest with their sporadic tendencies and metal undertones, if a little lyrically juvenile in places, making it nigh on possible to stay in one place. Hey Scenesters, LR Rockets could well be one of your favourite new post-punk bands.

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