Saturday, 26 September 2009

Album Review - Get Back Guinnozi - Carpet Madness - This is Fake DIY

Get Back Guinnozi is a quirky French-meets-English five-piece that fuse electro kookiness with European overtones. They delicately dabble with all the quirky foreign simplicity of the likes of CSS and Indie eccentrics of Those Dancing Days….but like decaffeinated coffee or food that you’ve cooked for yourself, there seems to be just something missing, something that reduces its appeal.

It’s hard to pinpoint what it is exactly, the band contains all the ingredients that work so well for the afore mentioned outfits. Yet, tracks like ‘Go Back to School’ indulges the childish chants that so toxically saturate, and ruin, pop songs of the like whereas ‘King’s Song’ sounds like Kate Bush trapped (against her will) amongst some disappointingly damaged instrumentation.

But Get Back Guinozzi are in fact, likeable, and as their diverse influences surface and comparisons to the likes of Animal Collective can also be derived, the debut pans out as a sort of schitzophrenic production with sudden lyrics demanding /Don’t get mixed up/ I am fucked/ and an entire minute dedicated to deep erotic breathing.

Credit where credit due, the band seem to drip with innovation as they continue to surprise and alter what we expect. Regardless of their lack of mass appeal, Get Back Guinozzi seem pretty bloody interesting as they dare to veer entirely from the mainstream and stick two fingers up at conventional structure and genre, leaving listeners unsure what to make of the musical whirlwind but intrigued as to what else the five-piece are will deliver next.

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