Monday, 28 September 2009

EP Review - The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Trading Things In - Noize Makes Enemies

/If you were broccoli, I would turn vegetarian for you/

Yes, possibly more fitting to the lacking lyrical prowess of the likes of the Jonas Brothers, but there is something, as much as your natural instincts will fight it, quite unavoidably endearing about Rob Jones’ soft vocals and twee pop melodies.

The one-man-band’s EP hosts all the sunshine exuding Indie chirp of the early works of Noah and The Whale and latter tracks contain poignant lyrics like: /My heart’s too bored to beat without you here/ effortlessly encapsulating the dim gloom of a broken heart over a typically upbeat backing ditty that is almost, structurally, similar to the likes of The Beatles.

Final track ‘Vending Machine’ also stores the same buoyant atmospherics as the previous but a sort of lo-fi distortion over the tracks, manipulating Rob’s delicate vocals with a harder edge, a welcomed darker shade is also contributed.

Whilst at a glance, the EP stands quite forgettable amongst the plethora of exiting releases of 2009, there is something likeable about The Voluntary Butler Scheme that culminates in a cloud of intrigue around Rob and his future releases.

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