Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Album Review // Errors - Come Down With Me

Errors are a band that know how to move you; a fact that ‘Come Down With Me’ perfectly embodies. The second album from the Scottish four-piece lures the listener across a spectrum of varied musical terrain but in a way that seems entirely organic and not some contrived rebellion against being categorised.

Instead, the ten tracks trace the steps of Lo-Fi Do Say Make Think-esque noise rock on ‘Sorry About The Mess’ and ‘Germany’, before grabbing and tugging their sound onto the sticky dancefloors of Indie meets Electronica. Here the melancholic murmurs are replaced with all the compulsion of Foals on ‘Rumours of Africa’ and mesmerising string twanging of ‘The Black Tent’.

The invisibility of Errors is something that wholly adds to the appeal of the follow up, with the instrumentals typically needing no words to conjure pathos or evoke the desire to dance. The end result is a journey showcasing simplicity at its finest and the seemingly effortless fusion of Errors that fans of their previous work and label mates Mogwai will not want to miss.

Release Date: 01/03/2010

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