Monday, 22 February 2010

Interview with The Big Pink (Robbie Furze)- Noize Makes Enemies

After winning the prestigious Phillip Hall Radar Award at the NME Awards last year, The Big Pink unapologetically grabbed 2009 by the lapels and hurled it into their statically charged world of gloomy electro-rock. The band’s debut album ‘A Brief History of Love’ articulated all emotions along the spectrum of romance; from love-bite lust to wandering eye uncertainty. All the while validating the critical acclaim the band had earned. Now bringing a welcome dose of grit and murky rock to the NME Tour, Noize sat down and chatted with lead singer Robbie Furze and his dog, Alfie, to find out what The Big Pink have got lined up next.

Noize: Hi Robbie, how’s tour going? Any shows really stood out so far?

Robbie: Yeah it’s been amazing. Really fun. Glasgow was really cool and Brighton last night was awesome. I think every time we have a day off, it seems to take us a day to get back into it. We hate days off. We’ve been getting better and better but we’ve done so many shows now that it’s weird for me to say that. It’s quite pathetic to think we’ve done over 400 shows and still getting better; maybe you always get better, I don’t know...or worse!

Noize: And so what are the dynamics like between the bands on tour?

Robbie: To begin with everyone didn’t really communicate and stuff. Maybe a few people were quite shy , but now we’re all mates. We already were mates with The Maccabees but didn’t really know the other bands.

Noize: What are your plans for rest of the year once this tour is over?

Robbie: After this, we go to Australia and then from there, we go on almost a two month tour of America. Then we come back and we do a UK Tour. That starts on the 7th May and that’s like our biggest headlining tour so far.

Noize: And how are you feeling about that?

Robbie: I can’t wait. We’re playing the Forum in London and the tour will be that sort of size capacity and it’s a little daunting but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Only a year ago we were playing sets to like 500 people so it’s really taken off.

Noize: Do you think you’ll be looking to do any new material towards the end of the year perhaps?

Robbie: Yeah, well we’re thinking about putting a new tune in the set for Australia. We wrote it just before we came on this tour and we really like it. We’re just going to see if it works.

Noize: So is this new track typical The Big Pink or is it slightly different?

Robbie: Yeah it is kind of different. I guess it is a bit more about beats and stuff. But it has piano in it and a big chorus.

Noize: Has anything sort of inspired that change in direction?

Robbie: Well we love hip hop, we love beats and we love simple melodies. I think for the next record, we have been talking about cleaning it up a little bit in its production perhaps. It’s hard because when I say a bit more hip hop production, it’s not at all like it sounds.

I mean, you know songs like ‘Crystal Visions’ or ‘Count Backwards’, like less of that and more of a beat driven kind of thing. That’s just where our heads are at at the moment.

By Laura Routledge

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