Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Big Chill 2010 - Dereliction Drive in & The Cinema Tent

Now back by popular demand, this year’s movie sets will see each day curated by various big names from the world of film. The BFI will host present a selection of Cinematic and Audiovisual delights on Friday, including highlights from the upcoming BFI Southbank season ‘Future Human’ and an eclectic survey of the human condition in cinema, looking at films from early sci-fi ‘Things to Come’ to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘The Terminator’.

Saturday will be hosted by Warp Films, the sister company of electro label Warp Records, and responsible for Dead Man’s Shoes, This is England and Four Lions. Showing films in the cinema from early morning, Warp will start with family films from the likes of Studio Ghibli, The Cat Returns and The Railway Children. As the day progresses, Indie favourites including ‘You, Me and Everyone We Know’, Dave Chappelle’s ‘Block Party’ and gothic thriller ‘Devil’s Backbone’ will also be shown. The cinema tent’s display will finally round off with their own ‘Donkey Punch’.

Warp Film is also responsible for this year’s Demolition Drive-in space. Dubbed ‘The Wonderful Warped Cinema Circus’, the films shown will include Dead Man’s Shoes, the suicide bomber satire ‘Four Lions’ and Paul King’s (Director of Mighty Boosh) ‘Bunny and the Bull’. “’Bunny and the Bull’ is a road movie that never leaves the flat. It’s about a guy called Steven who’s become completely reclusive and trying to shut out memories of a road trip which keep coming back to him,” explained Peter Carlton, head of Warp Films. “It’s incredibly inventive and all shot in a studio with animation, but the objects in his flat keep animating to tell the story.”

Continuing the theme of audience participation, Warp Film wants you to get involved in this. ‘Bunny and the Bull’ has a reoccurring narrative theme of placing bets. Steven and his friend bet on horse racing, they bet on a bull fight and eating crabs, so during these points in the film, the film will stop and competitions will be run within the audience. Festival-goers will be able to bet on human horse racing, a crabstick eating competition and there will even be an enormous bull pit featuring human bulls where punters will be invited to try their hands at being matadors. In conjunction with performance group, Bearded Kitten, festival-goers will feel as if they’ve stepped into the film with cast actors performing around them. “It will be a real festival, circus atmosphere and God knows what will happen,” laughed Peter. “They’ll probably going to be making it up as they go along! They’ll be all sorts of other mad things going on too with blue cocktails will be being served, again in reference to the film. DJs will also be playing sets between the movies and doing horror mash ups and we’ve even got VHS DJs.”

This brilliant mayhem will all kick off from 8am Saturday morning, with festival-goers able to make their bets and chill out on the twenty or so sofas set out. “Festivals are great but there is the bit of a feeling that you now get the same headliners at all festivals, so festivals can start feels the same. Actually what people will remember from a festival isn’t just the headliners, but it’ll be the different ways people create special little experiences away from the music,” explained Peter. “One of the things we really love about The Big Chill is that they create these little spaces where people can have these experiences. Part of it we lay on but we also allow the punters to invent it a bit for themselves. So the idea is that for an evening, we’ve created a little world with this circus feel where people come and watch mad things, but they can join in and I think that can make festivals a bit more special.”

Sunday will also see Popcorn Caberet bring The Wizard of Oz to life – keep following Clash’s Road to the Big Chill for more information.

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