Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Big Chill 2010 - Words in Motion

Monday mornings are categorically depressing. Whether you’ve had a weekend that rivals the likes of The Hangover or just a chilled one spent eating your body weight in pizza, come Sunday night the resentment starts to creep in and you find yourself feeling thoroughly fed up. And never has this feeling been truer than the miserable Monday that proceeds a music festival. Not only does it follow a weekend of so much escapism that it’s easy to forget that in the real world you aren’t more hippy than Bob Geldoff and you actually work in an office, but to make matters worse, the first few hours of Monday are usually spent in a horrifically smelling car, queuing in traffic jams.

The Big Chill feels your pain and the Words in Motion stage is hoping to soften this inevitable blow, by treating Big Chillers to ‘An Evening of Unknown Pleasures’ on the Sunday night. With co-founder of Joy Division and New Order bassist, Peter Hook and the best selling author and notorious drug smuggler Howard Marks, taking to the stage to talk to the audience about the Hook’s brilliant best-selling book, 'The Haçienda - How Not To Run A Club'.

The popular book takes the reader on a journey through Mark’s unfathomable tales of the aforementioned iconic club, New Order, Joy Division, the 80's acid house to the 90's gangs, drugs and corporate greed. Covering careers that have spanned over three decades, the rock icons will chat candidly about the fame, the high points, the tragedy and everything that came in between. From Mark’s forty-three aliases in the mid 1980s, to his money laundering and dope-dealing, to his Oxford postgraduate course and dealings with MI6 and the CIA – it is guaranteed to be one of the most interesting audience/artist interactions ever experienced.

Let’s face it, your mates’ stories can get pretty boring after living together day in and day out since Friday, so get along to the Words In Motion stage on Sunday to hear some truly incredible anecdotes - they’ll undoubtedly blow your friend Dave’s story about the time he met Kate Moss’s brother in Vodka Revs in Reading out of the water. The evening will also be compered by Mr Nice, as the tales of Hook and Mark’s misadventures inevitably shock, bemuse and whole-heartedly entertain festival-goers. The perfect distraction from the forth-coming Blue Monday.

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