Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Single Review - LR Rockets 'Personality' - Acryllic Tom Tom

LR Rockets - Personality

LR Rockets’ “Personality” incorporates all the chaos of early Klaxons stuff; i.e. before they released ‘Golden Skans’ leading your nine year old brother to buy their top forty album, wrongly imitating lyrics like ‘its not over, it’s not over yeahhh..’. The four-piece team these experimental sounds with an intro very similar to that of The Automatic’s ‘Monster’ and blunt lyrics that when shouted over leg jolt inducing beats make LR Rockets comparable to The Young Knives or The Hives; should they have also been struck by the Indie-Electro epidemic.

“Personality” is a playful mishmash of schizophrenic but compulsive lyrics detailing the vocalist’s self diagnosed split personality disorder that sends him between being “such a nice boy” and the boy who “broke your heart…you mean nothing to me.” Lines you’ll find yourself repeating in your head minutes after hearing the single.

Undeniably catchy and whilst it is likely to excite many a drunken scenester on a Friday night at a local rundown Indie venue, it is nothing wholly innovative, rather a collective selection of existing musicians that it is hard not to draw compare LR Rockets to.

Yet perhaps LR Rocket’s injection of light-heartedness is what these similar artists lack. Within a genre that is full of artists notorious for taking themselves too seriously; “Personality” may not be anything new but it is three minutes of body thrashing Electro escapism nonetheless and this is never a bad thing.

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