Sunday, 2 December 2007

Single Review - The Clik Clik 'My Dunks' - Acryllic Tom Tom

The Clik Clik – My Dunks

Stefan Abingdon and Maya Yianni are The Clik Clik. With influences ranging from MIA to Lauryn Hill and Elvis Costello, the perhaps surprising result is Hadouken!-esque beats under vocals that resemble a duet between ‘Ch-ch-Check it out’ Beastie Boys and an electro Kate Nash.

‘My Dunks’ is the Fulham-based band’s debut single and is an intoxicating anecdote of a man’s love for his white Nike Dunks. Maya’s vocals spell out his girlfriend’s frustration and having undoubtedly met this type before, promotes listeners’ empathy. We all know them. They’re the people who buy the latest K-Swiss trainers and spend the next six months cleaning them with Colgate and tiptoeing through potentially muddy areas to save their cherished trainers from damage. This relatable quality is what makes the frivolous single amusing and in turn, rather addictive.

An innovative infusion of Indie Pop that has not come a minute too soon, the duet aspect of The Clik Clik is undoubtedly its major U.S.P. and almost gives rise to the impression of a modern, electro-loving Sandy and Danny.

‘My Dunks’ pulls you back to late-nineties rap whilst pushing you forward into a hybrid genre that is guaranteed to result not only in an influx in Nike sales but also in The Clik Clik’s fan base numbers.

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