Wednesday, 12 December 2007

My top artist for 2008 - Adele - Acryllic Tom Tom

If by some weird twist of fate, Jill Scott and Jamie T produced a love child…Adele would have been the result. This is hardly a surprise when considering her proud South London roots and Jill Scott’s huge poetic and lyrical influence on her work. Yet at only nineteen years old, Adele’s mature and heart-stopping lyrics combined with a voice at its purest, hits you in a way that tells you Adele is not to be ignored.

With her debut album ‘19’ due to be released late January, Adele’s distinctive London vocal tones and quirkiness place her in a league on par with her young and successful peers; Kate Nash and Jack Penate. But it is the infusion of soul that I feel makes Adele so show stopping and her music so intoxicating.

‘Hometown Glory’ is a three-minute homage to London over her spine-chilling, and in many ways, beautiful piano playing. The single reveals Adele’s passion for where she grew up and its borderline patriotic lyrics give a contagious sense of British pride.

Other songs such ‘Melt my Heart to Stone’ and new single ‘Chasing Pavements’, released 21st January 2008, detail feelings of love, heartache and despair that, at nineteen, are rawer, more emotive and more touching than ever. Through this, Adele’s music smoothly enters your ears whilst her impressive vocals soothe all thoughts for a guaranteed period of escapism.

I feel Adele’s indisputable future success is due to her ability to convey her down-to-earth nature and create music that is entirely relatable whilst producing lyrics that are undeniably striking and mature. This built in paradox sets her apart from the music scene of 2007 - making 2008 a year for originality, a year for heart-melting lyrics, a year for soul and of course, a year for Adele.

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