Sunday, 9 December 2007

Single Review - Jesse Malin 'Tomorrow Tonight' - Noize Makes Enemies

In many ways, Jesse Malin’s second release from ‘Glitter in the Gutter’ could be seen as just another single fitting for The OC soundtrack as it summons images of Marissa Cooper driving down the wide open Californian roads having just fallen out with her mother for the eight time in just as many episodes.

Yet Malin’s vocals, not unlike those of Alex Band (of the Calling), over guitar chords played by Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Hommes, would imply there may be more to this track than meets the ear.

Malin’s country and traditional rock influences including Motorhead, The Ramones and Steve Earle reveal themselves through the style of his music and ‘Tomorrow Tonight’ is no exception. It is three minutes of music rebellion that could have been produced by the Counting Crows have they of favoured heavy guitar backings.

The single makes a refreshing change from music created by the layering of sounds onto a twenty-something’s laptop, of which many often resemble mobile phone ring-tones, as through ‘Tomorrow Tonight’, Jesse Malin reminds us of what ‘real’ and raw music sounds like.

Despite this, it would seem that the single’s lack of relevance in the modern rock genre means that it is in fact perhaps best suited to the Summer and Seth Cohen’s break-up play list.

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