Sunday, 9 December 2007

Single Review - Chromeo 'Bonafied Lovin' - Noize Makes Enemies

Two best friends forming a band is perhaps not the most original starting point to begin a musical crusade but for Chromeo, the result was something far from imitated.

As with many Electro Pop bands, although Chromeo released their debut album ‘She’s in Control’ in 2004, their silky injections of funk have yet to receive the acknowledgement seemingly deserved. Yet perhaps this is not such a negative factor within a genre that’s demographic often rejects bands that become catapulted into the mainstream.

‘Bonafied Lovin’ is the second single to be released from album ‘Fancy Footwork’ (2007) and is a fusion of smooth electro that enters your body grasping hold in a way that refuses to allow any dancing refrain.

Dave 1’s cocky vocals: “..This comes as no surprise, what you need is an older guy” and electronic guitar solos conjure a combination that is reminiscent of Protocol’s Electro Pop teamed with Orson inspired hooks. That is, if Orson had had more credibility.

‘Bonafied Lovin’ has all the arrogant self-assurance of hip hop which when mixed with electro beats creates a single that is more contagious than Facebook stalking.

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