Sunday, 28 October 2007

Single Review - Laura Marling 'New Romantic' - Acryllic Tom Tom

Laura Marling – New Romantic

If Kate Nash had a more mature sister, I believe she would be something similar to Laura Marling. The singer-songwriter from Reading encapsulates Nash’s effortless style, relatable lyrics and colloquial vocals. “New Romantic” is taken from Marling’s soon-to-be released debut EP and echoes a tale of a woman’s decision to give up on unfulfilling relationships. Yet lines such as “a guy that I just couldn’t get, cause his girlfriend was pretty fit” inject a light heartedness into the single that makes a potentially rather saddening song, quirky and likeable. It would be easy to dismiss Laura Marling for lacking in innovation as her acoustic folk sound places her in the niche of KT Tunstall, Beth Orton and Kate Nash, but there is something about Marling that enchants. Whether it’s her haunting vocals or pixie-like features; on listening, ‘New Romantic’ hits many nerves whilst pulling gently on your heart strings in a way that is difficult to ignore. In a genre that is populated by predictably similar bands, perhaps Laura Marling is what is needed, and indeed, more like her.

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