Monday, 22 October 2007

Single Review- Thirteen 'Pony' - Acryllic Tom Tom

Teenager –‘Pony’- Taken from album ‘Thirteen’

With lyrics like ‘what you want when you drop your knickers to the floor’, dark electronica beats teamed with a somewhat shouty chorus; you would be forgiven for thinking Australian band ‘Teenager’ were the less rebellious lovechild of Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand and Peaches. You would, however, be wrong.
The alternative music scene is ridden with bands keen to jump on the political/ indie/ electronica/ new rave bandwagon and so at a glance, Teenager is not unlike anything you’ve heard before. Whether it’s lacking the believable sexual promiscuity of Peaches or the consistency of similar indie/ electronica bands, it would seem there is once again something missing; innovation.
Yet ‘Pony’ is undeniably one of the songs on the band’s debut album that stands out most with its catchy chorus and Nick Littlemore’s deep vocals. It combines a fundamental darkness with sexually charged lyrics injected with a toe-tapping playfulness. Team this with a music video so dark and arty its reminiscent of those of Tool and it would seem undeniable that Teenager’s hybrid style is a hip and refreshing new addition to alternative music.

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