Monday, 20 July 2009

Album Review - Darker My Love - 2 - This is Fake DIY

Los Angeles. The largest state in California and the state responsible for bringing us some truly horrific things. From The Hills’ Spencer Pratt to box office disgrace, Crank: High Voltage. Yet, amongst the roughage of undesirable mush, does emerge some refreshing musical talent including the likes of The Airborne Toxic Event, Rage Against the Machine and The Mars Volta: to name but three of rock’s most prestigious names.

And LA band, Darker My Love find themselves very much among the latter. Combining noise rock with a dash of ambient rock, the five-piece are a sort of hybrid assortment of traditional rock meets 70s surrealism. No doubt a direct result of the variety that arises from finding their feet having left various bands including The Nerve and The Fall.

Tracks like “Talking Words” and “Waves” show Darker My Love at their best in a psych versus classic rock frenzy. Like Animal Collective moshing alongside Kasabian as their collision spews out all their most treasured attributes from chaotic guitar riffs to an effortlessly hippy overtone.

2 is the band’s second album but first UK release and whilst they are undoubtedly difficult to pigeon hole, as a result of the band’s varied experiences and influences, their depth and ability to lure the listener in; before turning what we had come to expect on its head with atmospheric tracks like “Two Ways Out” and “All The Hurry Can Wait”, is something of an intoxicating quality and something that bodes well for the future of this diverse outfit.

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