Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Single Review - Kid British - Our House is Dadless - Noize Makes Enemies

“You hold a better conversation/ When born in grimey locations/ And that’s where you'll find my crib/ In the same area where the alkies live”

Kid British, on the surface, appear to be a sort of collective Jamie T meets the Jeremy Kyle generation with this ska pop concoction of social commentary. Of course, chucking in seemingly unnecessary nouns such as “crib” and “beef” to culminate some sort of street credibility to their Five-like rapping over a Madness sample.

That is, before you look a bit deeper. The above description of a band such as The Ting Tings, which, for all of their lyrical ineptitude and lack of credence, still strive to be taken seriously as a band screeching “They call me Stacey”, but the refreshing quality of Kid British is that they understand their pigeonhole and seemingly embrace it.

Describing themselves as having the “feel good factor”, Kid British are a four-piece that aren’t taking themselves too seriously, which is something of a sought after trait as all too often musicians morph into self indulgent clichés all about the ‘vibe’ and ‘getting the message out there’ whilst losing themselves in the aura of celebrity.

Don’t get me wrong. Kid British will by no means be everyone’s cup of tea; with the very quintessential use of the “Our House” sample, no doubt irritating ‘serious’ music fans everywhere. But in a sense, the very love hate quality of this upbeat outfit highlights the underlying pretension of the music industry.

If you’re sick of the same clichés of musicians feeling hard done by and like the sound of a tongue-in-cheek Blazin’ Squad version of Jamie T, overlooking the cheesiness of Kid British’s debut single, they may be a welcome bit of variety to play lists over our dreary British Summer.

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