Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Single Review - Unseen Archives - Pulses - This is Fake DIY

At just 17 years old, Unseen Archives’ influences scan the likes of Joy Division, The Horrors and Late of the Pier and as a result, musically the band have successfully incorporated all the sombre drones of the of Ian Curtis and gothic pessimism of Faris Badwan, alongside the unpredictability of chaos pioneers Late of The Pier. However, with single ‘Pulses’ the band fail to showcase the same pizzazz as the afore mentioned artists.

Whether it’s the apathy conjured by the repetitive and uninspired lyrics or the unnecessary Libertine-esque sporadic yelling, there’s a real feeling that the band could do better and still unable to drink in the bars that their music could be played in, as the teenagers continue to grow as a band and perhaps work on the lyrical side of their production, it is likely their talents will expand further.

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