Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Album Review- The King Blues - Under the Roof - Noize Makes Enemies

Everyone loves a bit of ‘stick it to the man’ mentality, but what happens when you throw in a ukulele and some reggae punk with it? The King Blues. The six-piece have produced a debut album that effortlessly exudes innovation and an uplifting contagious Hackey spirit. Songs like ‘We ain’t never done’ and ‘If I had a Coin’ force a smile upon even the sternest of lips in a way that is instantly likeable. The King Blues are original in the true sense of the word and conjure equally unique images of how the The Twang would sound toting colourful hula skirts. Yet, amongst the ska-type beats lies a message. ‘Duck and Cover’ starts with a poignant ‘Where the hell did I leave those weapons of destruction?’ and the bands Punk roots and political awareness is mirrored. As the band sing out ‘I’m out to build the world, without breaking my hand’, the band’s preference for peace and unity is also effectively denoted. And perhaps they aim to spread this through their music. ‘If I had a Coin’s a’cappella musical embodiment of positivity is catching in the same way that you can’t listen to Bob Marley and feel stressed out. The King Blues have a welcomed unique ability to untie any knots of anxiety and bring with them some warmth during a cold March.

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