Friday, 28 March 2008

Single Review - Grovesnor - Drive Your Car - Noize Makes Enemies

With a backing track that is reminiscent of the programmed demos featured on a Cassio Keyboard that schoolchildren everywhere insist on playing to a frustrated music teacher, from the very off-set – Grovesnor appear uninspired.

‘Drive Your Car’ does undeniably grow on you with its four minutes of catchy retro beats and Rob Smoughton’s Scissor Sisters- pitched vocals promising ‘I’m sure I could be what you’re dreaming of.”

Whilst it is not unpleasant to listen to, the 80’s inspired track seems to lack whatever the essential ingredient that its peers, bands like Chromeo and Mylo, effortlessly exude.

Whether it’s the endorphin-inducing hands that tug you to your dancing feet or the chilled type of dance that helps you rationalise a bad day, Grovesnor remain on the fence; never quite doing either.

Yet, with Smoughton previously drumming for Hot Chip and support from afore mentioned bands, hopes remain high for Grovesnor and their future releases.

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