Saturday, 15 March 2008

Single Review - The Author - Dannie - Noize Makes Enemies

Rather misleadingly for a band that profess that they’re aren’t a rock band, The Author’s second single ‘Dannie’ starts with a Bullet for My Valentine inspired guitar riff. Yet as the Jersey band’s track graduates into something similar to a rowdier Klaxon B-Side, their claim appears justified. As vocalists James Dolan and Christian Silver yell ‘Dannie don’t go, Dannie please just stay’, dark electro guitars demand your body is receptive to it, in the way that all the best live tracks do. ‘Dannie’ is just over three minutes of contagious enthusiasm that screams for a live audience in order to be fully appreciated. Second track on the single, ‘Mr Debacle’, maintains the structure of an early Klaxon track but pulls the band down to a darker level with affective flickers of Brand New or Billy Talent. With such diverse musical decisions, The Author is inarguably a band to keep an eye out for, even if only to see what they’re going to do next.

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