Monday, 10 March 2008

Single Review - Magic Wands 'Teenage Love' - Acryllic Tom Tom

When a band’s MySpace Top Friends vary from Morrissey to ET it is perhaps difficult to imagine what Magic Wands will sound like. Yet, on listening, it all unexpectedly clicks into place. ‘Teenage Love’ has all the slow pace and dreamy keyboards of a 1970’s hit but when injected with evidence of CSS - it is slammed at G-force into 2008. Lyrics like ‘This teenage love has got me stuck/ Come over now so we can fuck” show CSS’s LoveFoxx’s dark sexual awareness that is perfectly paradoxical to the Ravonettes style backing. Whilst ‘Teenage Love’ is far from earth moving and at times waivers into sounding like a poorly put- together Carpenters sample, lust fuelled pleas like ‘forget about everything’ makes Magic Wands the welcomed advocators of sinful behaviour and brimming with potential.

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