Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Album Review - Elevator Suite - The Remixes - Noize Makes Enemies

With Pendulum being the most prominent genre-manipulating act on the lips of music lovers everywhere this year, there would appear a clear gap in the market for Elevator Suite, even after six years in the industry.
The English trio combine filthy electro beats with chilled euphoric dance in way that is timeless and shamelessly swagger-inducing.
Their latest album compiles remixes of Elevator Suite’s most celebrated releases by the likes of Aquasky and Crazy P.
Tracks such as Alex Metric’s remix of The Wheel and Nigel of Bermondsey’s remix of How Does it Feel, both stand out as instant classics with evidence of a type of Justice-esque dark infectiousness.
With every track over five minutes in length and only six tracks spread over the 13 remixes, the album is not as varied as many listeners would crave. However, the high quality of the DJ’s on board and contagious remixes, reminiscent of some of Ed Banger record’s favourites, inevitably does something to rectify this potential fault.
If the concept of Hot Chip and Roni Size combined with a bit of country, rap, funk and electro sounds like your perfect musical cocktail then make room in your iTunes for Elevator Suite - your new favourite band.

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