Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Single Review - Air Cav - Embers

When a band combine Pixies-esque vocals and the darkness of Radiohead with a violin, electric guitar and reed organ, to name but a few instruments, it’s evident from the off-set that Air Cav are a band to sit up and acknowledge.

The Manchester four-piece formed in 2006 and their early 90’s sound has lent support to the likes of We Are Scientists and already received critical acclaim.

‘Embers’, the band’s next release, is a refreshing addition to the music scene amongst proliferated Indie bands and lethargically mainstream rock.

Whilst if Placebo and The Pixies had a musical lovechild, they would have indefinitely raised Air Cav, this does not take away from the bands individuality. Their fusion of musical instruments and unconventional Vietnam roots makes them an unavoidably exciting burst of audio energy.

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