Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Single Review - Barringtone - Snake in the Grass - Noize Makes Enemies

Ever stop and thought to yourself: “What happened to Clor frontman Barry Dobbin?”

No, me neither. But if you had, since last year Dobbin has been part of Barringtone.

Barringtone are an eccentric three piece from London and their latest single ‘Snake in the Grass’ has received promising reviews from the likes of The Times and The Guardian.

This is what I find so worrying.

‘Snake in the Grass’ has all the shambolic chaos and lack of structure that works so well for the Rumble Strips, but Barringtone have infused the track with a sort of over zealous campness that is characteristic of the likes of Alphabeat.

It is hard to see what demographic Barringtone are pitching this three minutes of theatrical enthusiasm to but whether it’s The Darkness- esque vocals screeching ‘Thunder, Thunder, ooohh’ or the cheesy drawn out guitar riffs, it is difficult to see just what exactly the broadsheets found so intoxicating.

Fans who proudly sang out ‘It's like a revelation…woh oh, o-o-oh’ in February will love this little shimmy and jazz hand inducing number, as for everyone else – steer clear.

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Hilarius said...

Laura I wholeheartedly agree - this single is an absolute DISGRACE!!! Dobbin continues to plough the same silly furrow that brought us that hideously over-rated album 'Clor' - which also recieved undeserved praise from the 'broadsheet' press with their 'ooh aren't we soooo clever' liberal bias.

This kind of thing leaves me feeling physically sick.

Other things I despise:

Enemies of freedom.

Message ends.