Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Album Review - James Pants - Welcome - Noize Makes Enemies

Meet James Pants. He is quite possibly the personification of unique.

Hailing from Texan roots and with influences including T.I and Gary Numan, he fuses soul, R&B, New Rave and 80’s disco to create a whole new audio soundclash.

His latest 16 track album ‘Welcome’ is demonstrative of how talented and adventurous James Pants is, keeping the listener guessing as each track ends, as to what the next four minutes will embody.

Tracks like ‘My Girl’ and ‘Finger on the Knife’ have all the unclassifiable chaos of Hadouken! whereas ‘Dragon Slayer’ and ‘We’re Through’ are characteristic of electro connoisseurs Simian Mobile Disco. This complete mish mash of musical ideas makes James Pants close to impossible to pigeonhole but undeniably intriguing.

He has all the diversity fuelled by eccentricity of artists like Aphex Twins but vocals by Deon Davis on ‘Ka$h’ and ‘Crystal Lite’ combine Gnarls Barkley inspired vocals with beats reminiscent of The Fresh Prince of Bell Air days.

‘Welcome’ is likely to divide audiences, with some massively respecting James Pants for his creativity and innovation and more traditionalistic others wondering just what the hell he is trying to achieve. Either way, James Pants is definitely worth a listen…even if only out of morbid curiosity.

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