Monday, 7 July 2008

Album Review - The Sugars - Curse of The Sugars - Noize Makes Enemies

Their influences are said to be blood, sweat and tears. No not the band, but according to The Sugars, the reality.

The Sugars are a three-piece originally from Leeds and there is something essentially refreshing about their musical style.

With band member, Anna’s almost June Carter esque vocals conveying lyrics of effective simplicity like ‘you stabbed my little heart in two and now I don’t know what to do’ and a theatrical use of music that is on par with The Hush Sound and Panic at the Disco; The Sugars exude blues to rival the 1940s.

Yet they manage to maintain an air of modernity that accompanies this with tracks like ‘Black Monday’ and ‘Unnamed Duet’ sounding more like something from a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s album.

It is this diversity that works in The Sugars’ favour as if the album had swayed entirely in one of the two ways detailed, particularly to the latter, it is unlikely to have been very memorable...more like headache inducing.

However, overall the album’s bursts of 1940’s style and jazz instruments that would inspire the likes of Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy, teamed with all the folky eclecticism of Karen O, The Sugars’ debut album, The Curse of The Sugars, is worth a listen.

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