Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Album Review - Dengue Fever - Venus on Earth

Welcome to the world of Dengue Fever.

Named after a disease found in Africa, they are a six-piece Cambodian rock outfit and once you’ve listened to their twelve track album – you’ll understand the definition of originality.

Screaming international eclecticism in a way that makes CSS appear fairly standard, their plethora of foreign influences create a mishmash of sounds from Bollywood to surf rock in a way that is effortlessly intriguing.

With tracks like ‘Tooth and Nail’ displaying a sensitive side to the sextet and producing simple rhyming schemes in their lyrics that are reminiscent of the likes of Abba and ‘Tiger Phone Card’ omitting three and a half minutes of psychedelic composition – the album sits in a league of its own.

Whether it’s their 70’s inspired retro sound, their Eurovision entry qualities or their complete disregard of conventionality, Dengue Fever are an addictive and refreshingly light-hearted addition to the music industry.

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