Monday, 7 July 2008

Single Review - Oh Laura - Release Me - Noize Makes Enemies

Putting aside my initial favourable bias towards the band’s name, Oh Laura’s debut single, ‘Release Me’, is the latest Swedish export to capture the hearts of a loyal fanbase.

Following in the footsteps of heart-warmingly endearing newcomer, Lykelli, Oh Laura force their hearts to their sleeves as vocalist Frida Ohrn sings of feelings of entrapment and a burning desire for freedom.

Musically, the track is nothing new. In an industry that has become somewhat overpopulated with credible female artists singing of hardships incurred, ‘Release Me’ is trampled in the crowd.

Whilst the single’s lyrics echo around the listeners head after a few plays in a way that all memorable releases should, the three minutes are essentially saved by the beauty of Frida’s vocals. They’re the type of vocals that emanate believable emotion which draws you in and sets apart the qualified musicians from the pop princesses.

For this reason, whilst ‘Release Me’ does not stand out dramatically, it appears there may be a lot more to come from the Alanis Morrisette reminiscent vocals of Frida and the rest of the five piece.

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