Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Single Review - Slyvia Powell - Crazy Beautiful Life - The Mag

Should it become scientifically possible, Sylvia Powell, as an artist, would have been the love child of Imogen Heap and Sarah Bareilles.

This is accurate to the extent that her vocals and folk sound echo of Heap’s mature depth but fused with a fundamental pop basis, Powell sits somewhere in the middle of the two.

Yet, the single itself does not massively stand out as anything innovative or different from all the other existing female artists that litter the charts each week.

However, Sylvia Powell’s extensive endeavours in order to produce her new album, The Script, and impressive collaborations with the likes of John Lewis of Zero 7 fame and Winston Blissett of Massive Attack , without help from any major labels, appear to make her someone to watch out for.

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