Thursday, 7 August 2008

Album Review - Redemption Unnamed - Silent Shadows - The Mag

Redemption Unnamed come screaming out of Plymouth with no apologies for their eleven track homage to all things traditional rock.

As the first track of the album edges you into an Evanescence inspired sound, the band’s description of band member Dani’s responsibility for ‘throat and words’ appears somewhat cryptic.

That is, until ‘Carrie White’ hits the three minute marker and her Amy Lee style vocals cascade into spine-chillingly gender defying roars and more four letter words than a mild Tourettes sufferer.

The music that Dani’s vocals smash through combines drumbeats and heavy rock in a way that isn’t unlike the likes of Incubus’s darker album tracks. However their strategically placed Bullet For My Valentine meets Guns and Roses style guitar riffs give a much more 80’s screamo edge that will be welcomed by their demographic.

There’s a thread of distinctive sound that runs throughout ‘Silent Shadows’ but the band’s skilful musicianship allows each song to stand alone in its own anti-conformist stage, something that instrumental breather ‘Low Life’ epitomises.

Overall, whilst their dark musical style may not appeal to the masses, fans of long-standing traditional rock and screamo will no doubt soon welcome Redemption Unnamed with sporadic moshing in rock venues all over the country

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