Thursday, 28 August 2008

Single Review - Paul Madsen ft Bispatial - Hiding from the Storm - The Mag

With ten years of song writing experience behind him, Paul Keen has teamed up with fellow Fluid Groove Records artist Paul Madsen, in order to put pen to paper once again and produce ‘Hiding from the Storm’.

Hailing from Norwich, their eighties influences radiate with little subtlety from Keen’s fifteenth release.

However, it is the effortless comparisons to the likes of the Eurhythmics and Depeche Mode that place the partnerships’ release in a somewhat out of touch position.

Fans of Grove Armada’s Late Night Tales or the afore mentioned artists may possess more curiosity about what Keen’s upcoming album ‘Milestone’ will have to offer as it is not his talent that is in dispute, more ‘Hiding from the Storm’s’ modern relevance.

As whilst their synth-pop meets electro sound would have once delighted shoulder pad toting dance fans, it is hard to see where their mass appeal will lie twenty years on.

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