Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Single Review- Kissing Kalina - Here She Comes - The Mag

Only a few years old, Kissing Kalina effortlessly exudes all the addictive factors of Rock; the filth, the sleaze and the ability to instigate impromptu body thrashing of an audience.

This, teamed with Danny Sanchez’s vocals, that at times sound like an intoxicated Brian Molko of Placebo, make their debut single ‘Here She Comes’ likeable and easily pigeon-holed but regrettably rather forgettable.

Whilst Kissing Kalina’s talent and potential is evident with good structure and dirty guitar riffs reminiscent of the earlier work of The Libertines, whether it’s the premature nature of the band and thus their need to develop or simply the necessity to dig deeper and hear more from the duo, ‘Here She Comes’ is catchy but nothing you wont have already heard in a sticky-floored rock venue.

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