Wednesday, 27 August 2008

EP Review- Hot Head Show - Chopstickabean

After meeting on their school orchestra a decade ago, three North London boys with all the quirkiness of the Bloodhound Gang and the strategic disorganisation of System of a Down, have since spent ten years turning a conventional background into a far from conventional EP.

“Chopstickabean, I’ll give you half the time you need. You know exactly what I mean…Chopstickabean, Chopstickabean.”

And whilst it is hard to fathom just exactly what it is that vocalist Jordan Bennett does mean as his baritone vocals growl the lyrics, admittedly there is something about Hot Head Show that makes me want to understand this three-piece’s ale-addled pirate sounding idioms.

Their shambolic Ska sounding beats means fans of similarly kitsch bands like Gogol Bordello will no doubt find this chaotic nine minute EP a tantalising taster ahead of the band’s 2009 tour alongside bands of the same label.

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