Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Album Review- Vessels - White Fields and Open Devices - Noize Makes Enemies

Experimental. Post-Rock. Indie. Beautiful. Skitzophrenic.

Meet Vessels. The five-piece from Leeds exude all the spine-chilling ambience of Explosions in the Sky but switch to a pissed off Sigur Ros or 65daysofstatic all within their hour long debut album.

Displaying a broader range of emotions than a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy, Vessels’ musical diversity and talent never fails to impress as seemingly sporadic outbursts of rock slice through the serenity the listener comes to get used to.

Tracks like ‘Yuki’ and ‘Walking Through Walls’ allow Tom Evans’ heart-slowing vocals to effortlessly seduce the listener whereas the darkness of ‘Trois Heures’ and ‘An Idle Brain and the Devil’s Workshop’ are demonstrative of the bands varied influences.

With a mastermind like John Congleton (Explosions in the Sky) responsible for the production of White Fields and Open Devices, it would be impossible not to have high hopes for this debut, but rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

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