Monday, 8 September 2008

Single Review - The Automatic - Steve McQueen - Noize Makes Enemies

The Automatic are back. And what a welcome return it is.

No sign of novelty monsters coming over any hills, our Cardiff boys have definitely grown into fully fledged men with a bigger and bolder sound that they make no excuses for.

Rob Hawkin’s vocals sound better than ever as he sings out: “I wrote myself into a new story line, this time was different, this time it was mine” in a way that makes it feel that this change of direction has been a massively empowering upgrade for the four piece.

Adding to the rawer new sound is ex-Yourcodenameis:milo frontman Paul Mullen, replacing Alex Pennie who is to pursue something new, leaving behind darker guitar riffs and body-thrashing bass.

With new album This is a Fix and a tour just beginning for The Automatic, there is one thing that is very clear – things are about to get very exciting for Rob, Paul, Iwan and James as well as for their ever-increasing fanbase.

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