Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Album Review - Flobots - Fight With Tools - Noize Makes Enemies

Every now and again, a band comes onto the radio and within the first few seconds, a compulsion to turn up the volume, to listen closer, is felt.

Flobots are that band and they come with a message.

I’d forgive you for a lethargic eye roll at the latter part of that sentence but unlike so many scensters who cling desperately to the concept of depth and concern for the wider world; with this six piece, it’s for real.

Sounding not dissimilar to Rage Against The Machine combined with The Roots, as a result they have all the genre-splitting likeability of bands like Linkin Park and Gym Class Heroes.

The band hail from Colarado and tellingly, formed in 2005 after the American election. Their lyrics tackle racism, globalisation and the greediness at the hands of the people in control but in a refreshing way that is not condescending or superficial.

If you haven’t already heard ‘Handlebars’, it is likely that you are in solitary confinement because the response to the band’s debut has already been phenomenal. Lyrics like “I can lead a nation with a microphone” and “I can keep rhythm with no metronome” teamed with a painfully catchy beat, make the band outstandingly appealing.

With their new album ‘Fight with Tools’ displaying all the familiar likeable attributes, it is likely that Flobots are here to stay.

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