Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Single Review- Ann West- Missed it Again - The Mag

Boasting a career that has left her as an ex TV show host, ex model, ex doctor of metaphysics and ex yoga and meditation teacher, Ann West’s now trying her hand at a musical career.

But with female singer-songwriters currently at ten-a-penny, does she bring anything new to our tired speakers?

Sadly, not.

Her folky pop sound and pleasant voice delivers simple lyrics like “I need to get some sun, laugh and have some fun, lay on the beach and breathe the freedom in” in a way that is not difficult to listen to, but displays little in innovation and fails to excite the listener.

Whilst ‘Missed it Again’ does not offend, there is a definite impression of her turning to music in order to round off her already diverse career, rather than her motivation being an intense passion for music…which in turn makes it rather difficult to be passionate about this debut.

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