Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Album Review - Girl Talk - Feed The Animals - Noize Makes Enemies

Eight years in and innovation officially has a well established face - personified in the shape of Greg Gillis.

Otherwise known as Girl Talk, he has become renowned for his ability to mash up and re-entwine music samples from artists ranging from Avril Lavigne and Missy Elliot, to Prince and Nirvana.

And the result? ‘Feed The Animals’ is fifty minutes of insatiable schizophrenic tracks amounting to more than 300 re-worked samples on his latest dirty hip hop and electro fused album.

The juxtaposition of such a variety of genres, both contemporary and long-standing, in such a meticulous way has in no way gone unnoticed in the music industry with Girl Talk finding himself in high demand. Having consequently produced with artists including the likes of Tokyo Police Club, Simian Mobile Disco and Peter, Bjorn and John – his diversity is ever-impressive.

Sick of the same old stuff churned out of your stereo? Greg Gillis is here to smash all your CDs into a giant blender, throw in some effortless cool and serve it back up to you in a way that will put a smile on the faces of even the most serious of music fans.

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