Tuesday, 14 October 2008

EN Meets...Jack Harris - Entertainment Newsline

We love NY...and New York, it appears, loves Jack Harris. Jack is just 20 years of age and already has a portfolio that boasts of Ralph Lauren photo shoots and owning some of London's most credible magazine front covers. Now living in New York, EN put our envy to one side and caught up with the exciting upcoming talent to find out just how he got to this new NY:LON lifestyle.

Name: Jack Harris
Age: 20
Live in: New York/London

Job description: Model

How long have you been doing this for? 4 years

What qualifications do you have? GCSEs and A-Levels in Photography, Media, Drama and Art & Design

How did you get into modelling, & what you do etc? I got scouted in London at a small gig and got my first contract with Select in 2004.

What jobs have you done prior to this? Worked in a small record store for 4 months when i was at college.

Did you always want to do this or did you have other aspirations? I want to work in photography or art and design. I never really 'wanted' to be a model because I never thought about it but now I'm doing it I like it, and hopefully when this is all over I'll be able to get into photography a bit easier.

What is the best part of your job? Getting to travel and meet really talented people that I admire. And the parties.

And the worst? Not getting a lot of sleep. Being away from my friends and family for indefinite amounts of time.

What does your job involve on a daily basis? Going to castings, meetings, going to photo shoots, going to after-parties, travelling a lot.

What is your most memorable moment in your present job? Modelling for Vogue or i-D Magazine.

What's the most common misconception about modelling and your job? That it's an easy job. You do get time off but when you're working it's long hours, lots of running around, followed by lots of waiting around and being moved around.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? The best advice i got was be prepared to get knocked back a a lot to begin with; you can't have the right look for everyone you go to castings for. but stay with it and it will pay off.

What are your plans for the future? At the moment I'm living in New York. Eventually I want to move back to London. When I get bored of this/no-one wants me any more, I want to do photography and be on the other side of the lens.

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